Mobile Home Device

  • Compatible with Type 2 Vehicle Cable

Works with the standard cable given to the buyer by the manufacturer.

  • Power up to 22KW

It can be used to provide up to 22KW power via the button on the device or the mobile application.

  • Easy Portability with 2KG Weight

It can be carried and mounted/dismounted anywhere easily with its 2Kg weight.

  • Plug-and-play Usability

Easily adapts to external 32A and 16A adaptors and all sockets.

  • DC Power Protection

Does not harm the devices it connects to, protected against problems like short circuit

  • Phase Scanning

Automatically detects the phases it connects to and works under safe use conditions.

  • IP54/Resistant to Water&Dust

It has IP54 certificate proving its resistance against water and dust. It can be used outdoors.

  • Charge Support from Solar Panels

It can work with the energy drawn from solar panels. External adapter is necessary.

  • Multiple Use Capability with RFID

It can be used as a wall unit in a common area.

Prices can be charged with personal cards.

  • Charge Checking

All checks such as current power, charging history, etc. can be performed via mobile app.

  • Easy and Regular Updating

Updates are executed by the manufacturer, internet connection required.

  • Wifi&Hotspot Connection

Can connect to internet over a modem or a smartphone.

  • Android&IOS Applications

Easy use and device control options with its mobile app free of charge

  • Power Balancing

While working, balances the power with other working stations around it.

  • Electric Price Control

Knows the hours when electric price is low and starts the charging automatically Works in certain countries.

  • Timer

Can be started and stopped at specific times determined by the user.

  • Personalization

Use by different users can be controlled. RFID card management.

  • Compatible with Smart Home Systems

Works with smart home systems. Ready to be used with Alexa and Amazon.

  • Grounding Control

Can work at places even without grounding. Works in certain countries.