For Drivers

For Drivers

Electric vehicle charging units are being set up in every corner of Turkey, for the drivers to be able to supply their vehicles with energy during their travels. Electric vehicle charging station points are spreading according to the needs of companies that have vehicle fleets, and individual drivers.

Electric vehicle charging payments can be done through the Sharz.NET mobile application, customer cards, and phone operators.

Sharz.NET Mobile Application

When the driver who has downloaded the mobile application, enters the number that is read on the electric vehicle charging unit into the application, this information is sent to the Sharz.NET center along with the phone number. Supply confirmation is sent to the electrical charging unit after the payment controls are done, and the electrical supply to the vehicle begins.

Purchasing With Card

Energy purchase can be done from electrical charging units with the card that is requested from the Sharz.NET center and sent to the address. To do this, the Sharz.NET center is called via phone and credit is bought by a pre-payment to the Sharz.NET bank account. Energy purchase can be done by showing this card to the charging device according to this credit.