Cookie Policy

Cookies on Sharz.Net website are intended to give you information about the use of analyses and other Internet technologies and your option to deny such use.

What are cookies?         

Cookies are little pieces of data sent by the web site and saved to the web browser of the user. When the user browses the website in the future, a cookie informs the website as to the previous activities of the user on the website.

Cookies do not harm your computer in any way and are automatically deleted after a certain period of time such as six months.

Are cookies used on Sharz.Net website?

Yes. Like all cyber websites we use certain types of cookies on our websites. This allows us to collect non-personal information through the diversity of technology. The use of cookies helps us determine the visitors coming back to our website and informs us about how many people visit our website daily, which pages are accessed, and whether they have technical problems during loading pages and browsing. By collecting this information, we learn which parts of our websites are more important for our users and we observe the general focal points of our websites. This also allows us to detect the technical problems in our websites in order to take action to eliminate them. As a result, cookies help us update our website to increase its capabilities to support our visitors better.

Do I need to accept cookies in order to access Sharz.Net website?          

No. By turning off the cookies option in your browser, you can prevent the use of cookies by any website including ours. However, if you choose to disable cookies, certain parts of our website, like others, will not work properly. For instance, when you want to buy services