AC Model of Smart Charging Unit

Smart type charge station, having a charge current from single phase 16A level to three-phase 32A level, can charge for different durations depending on the capacity of the vehicle.

The station contains various functions including kWh energy meter, RFID card reader, 7” touchscreen, communication, and internal software.

Touchscreen includes visual animations directing the user with the internal software.

The station has a Mode 3 Type 2 socket in IEC 62196 standards. Optionally, it can be equipped with up to 4 sockets for charging 4 cars at the same time. Single phase “Type 2” or “Schuko” sockets can be used.

Optionally, the part where the socket is located can be covered with a lid in order to prevent intervention from other persons. The lid with a magnetic locking mechanism opens after the user scans their card and waits for the vehicle connection. After the completion of the operation, the lid is closed by the user and locked by the system. This prevents other persons’ attempts to stop the started charging operation. Open or closed status of the lid is checked with a sensor mechanism.

Charging is started by plugging in the plug coming from the vehicle or a patch cord into the socket on the station. Charging plug has a specific structure to establish the communication between the vehicle and the station. This communication includes the information as to the vehicle’s charge current and whether the charging plug is plugged in correctly.

All electrical and electromagnetic functions performed in the station are checked by an electronic control system developed within GERSAN Elektrik.

Station models can be wall-mounted or ground type. It is suitable to be used outdoors and has a steel body in IP55 standards.