About Us

The activities on the use of non-fossil fuel and alternative energy generation types are continuing rapidly in the world. Accordingly, the technologies of vehicle’s engine also change continuously. One of the alternative energy resources which are used in vehicle’s engine is electricity. Hydrogen and electric engines are also included in internal combustion engines that consume fossil fuels such as diesel and gasoline. New vehicle’s engines are produced as hydrogen and electric engine or only electric engine. The production of electric vehicles has been increased recently and the use of these cars is increasing incrementally day by day.

Now, it is time for Turkey to take place within this technological change which has just started and will rapidly progress. This change is a really significant opportunity to Turkey.

Mission of Sharz.net is to become a platform providing an infrastructure to support the use of electric vehicles in our country, which of production and use are rapidly increasing.

Vision of Sharz.net is to allow the electric vehicle users to travel safely and comfortably all over Turkey and to become the provider having the most common charging station network of Turkey.

By creating an harmony between electric vehicle drivers, and drivers who want to use electric vehicle, car producers, infrastructure suppliers and public legislators, Sharz.net takes actions to allow these groups to move to the same direction and to go ahead of the developments of the era.

Sharz.net continues to carry out its activities to establish electric vehicle charging station in all regions, all cities and all districts of Turkey. Correspondingly, it will carry out its activities to encourage to use electric vehicle, to provide infrastructure as the usage is increasing, and to provide that the electricity consumed is obtained from resources, such as wind, solar and hydro electric power plant, which don’t harm the natural life.